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Social Emotional Empowerment Development

Mission: To Inspire and Empower children Worldwide to embrace integrity, accountability and transparent action in their everyday lives.

Vision: To build and strengthen social emotional development skills by offering an environment enriched with creativity, collaboration, inspiration and empowerment.  The global outreach will encourage peace and harmony within the individual and community to work together and be the change we wish to see in our world.


April 15, 2020

The StarPals Series launches the YouTube platform to reach children worldwide. 

April 8th, 2013
700 children embraced the Social Emotional Empowerment Development model through a comprehensive Activity Plan created through the training workshop.  SEED will receive weekly surveys from staff to provide valuable insight and results that will lead to a best practices manual and DVD.
March 26 2013
SEED provided training for 30 of LA's BEST/LAUSD's afterschool program staff.
April - June 2012
SEED shared the first 7 week Social Emotional Empowerment Development series with Cabrillo Elementary school in San Pedro, CA.The StarPals books were shared and discussed with K to 2nd grade students. Each child had the opportunity to graduate and earn a SEED certificate and potentially receive the I AM A StarPal Accountability button by filling their entire chart with stars.  Approximately 25 children were encouraged to continue to find creative opportunities to impact the lives of their friends, family, school mates and community for the greater good.  
  • Integrate the SEED Development Series into the home, church and private/public school curriculum via SEED Kits.
  • Develop products that strengthen social and emotional behavior skills such as board games, cartoons, plush dolls, toys, etc.
  • Engage in Philanthropy to support non-profits focusing on the efforts of improving the lives of children.  
  • Raise awareness and donations through fundraising efforts to build and develop products that support the SEED mission/vision. 
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