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The StarPals Set of Seven Books

The StarPals Treasure Chart

The StarPals Treasure Charts are used to acknowledge and track positive choices.  The children earn stars to fill up their chart and are inspired and encouraged to look for creative ways to earn their stars each and every day! 

The StarPals Accountability Button 

The StarPals Accountability Button can be earned after filling up their entire chart with stars!  When wearing the accountability button the children's behavior should continue to be positive or they are not in alignment with The StarPals model & message.

Download a free copy

(click on the StarPals icon)

for ideas of how to share The StarPals to encourage individual and classroom participation.  Your feedback is most welcome to add to this list!

Thank YOU for providing Our Children, Our Future the opportunity to build and strengthen their social emotional learing skills!  The StarPals model how to embrace virtues and values in a fun, creative and inspiring way so all children can fully realize the impact their choices can make on themselves, their friends & family, schoolmates, community and world!

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